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    Human Resources Development

    At BBG’s human resources development is based on self-development approach. The company creates environment where employee given the opportunity to develop own skills through variety of existing programs available to everyone from general staff employee up till top managers. The training program based on three objectives strengthening skills, cultivating professionals, developing management personnel, and aimed to develop human resources who contribute to business operation. 

    Programs available

    • Top Management training
    • Common technology training
    • Promotion training
    • Industry training
    • Specific job training
    • Company’s goals
    • Company’s values

    Internal Awards available to all staff

    • Office Manager of The Year
    • Sales of the Month/ Year
    • The Best sports person
    • The best idea of the year

    Diversity and Inclusion

    Diversity is mutual respect and mutual recognition for individual differences. Everyone should respect difference because everyone is truly different. In terms of attributes, people differ by race, gender, age, nationality, ethnicity, religion and ability or disability, but there is also diversity of working styles, careers, perspectives, values and more. We choose our staff based on professional skills and achievements.

    Sustainable management

    BBG’s existence is conditioned by society. Every employee follows BBG’s core principle and values in the course of daily operations. Solving problems faced by customers and society. Participating in social activities, being transparent in dealing with our clients, benefiting our partners and communicating and delivering to our investors is our social responsibility.